• Brand: : Jupiter
  • Product Code: : JBS1000
  • AUD$5,699.00

A perfect baritone sax for the school or doubler, the JBS1000 has all of the features you will need. A low A key, tilting Bb spatula key and Jupiter's legendary tone come standard. Gold lacquer finish. 

• Gold-Lacquered Brass Body ensures the most accurate scale and playability and finished with a golden lacquer to ensure lasting durability and beauty
• Gold-Lacquered Brass Keys are made from the highest quality tempered brass then finished with a high gloss gold-lacquer for lasting beauty
• Adjustable height palm keys enable any size hand to fit comfortably on the upper stack

• Key of Eb
• Gold Lacquered Brass Body
• Gold Lacquered Brass Neck
• Gold-Lacquered Brass Keys
• Sona-Pure Neck
• Low A
• Metal Tone Boosters
• Blued Steel Springs
• Upper and Lower Stack Adjustment Screws
• Adjustable Metal Thumb Rest
• Adjustable Palm Keys
• Wood-Frame Case with Wheels

5 Year Warranty

All instruments come 'Set Up'. This means they have been unpacked and thoroughly checked over by our Instrument Technician to ensure they are playing the way they should be. This also includes checking the alignment throughout including the relationships between the stacks and pad seating so it is ready to play.