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Reeds and More

Instrument Hire Terms and Conditions

  1. That a security deposit of $100 ($150 for saxophones) will be paid at the commencement of the hire, held by Reeds and More for the duration of the hire period. This deposit will be refunded upon cancellation and satisfactory return of the instrument (or credited towards the price if an instrument is purchased).
  2. That the initial hire period is for a minimum of two school terms (or 6 months if commencing mid-term).
  3. That the instrument will be couriered to a nominated address at commencement of the hire, and that a delivery fee applies. If preferred, the instrument can be collected from the Reeds and More store, located in Smeaton Grange for no additional fee (appointment required).
  4. That each hire period is equal to one school term, and that the hire fee payment will be paid prior to the start of each school term, until the hire agreement is cancelled.
  5. That the hire agreement can be cancelled at the end of any school term, and that cancellation is only confirmed upon the return of the instrument to Reeds and More (either in person or via courier at hirers expense).
  6. That if there is insufficient funds available to complete the terms debit payment, Reeds and More may charge the hirer an administration fee of $20 for securing payment.
  7. That if a service, check or repair is required, the instrument will be returned to the Reeds and More store, located in Smeaton Grange. This may be in person, or arranged via a courier at the hirer’s expense.
  8. That the musical instrument remains the property of Reeds and More.
  9. That it has been recommended that the hirer take out insurance for the musical instrument leased against fire, loss, theft and/or damage with a reputable and legally licensed insurer.
  10. Not to sell or offer for sale, assign, pledge, lend or otherwise deal with the musical instrument.
  11. To maintain the musical instrument in good working order and to return it in the same condition as when hired.
  12. That the hirer is responsible for any loss or damage incurred to the musical instrument whilst in their possession.
  13. That the hirer will not attempt to repair or adjust the musical instrument themselves or seek repairs elsewhere other than Reeds and More.
  14. That Reeds and More will be notified of any damage or loss to the musical instrument within a period of not more than 48 hours.
  15. That the hirer will pay Reeds and More for the cost of any repairs deemed necessary as a result of loss or damage incurred. Should the musical instrument be deemed not repairable or cannot be located, the hirer will provide payment for the total value of the musical instrument.
  16. That the value of the musical instrument or the value of any repairs required to the musical instrument will be assessed by Reeds and More and that that assessment is the amount payable in accordance with this term and condition.
  17. That if the hirer commits any breach of these terms and conditions, Reeds and More may, without notice, recover any of the amounts outstanding, resume possession of the musical instrument, and/or terminate this agreement.
  18. Reeds and More reserves the right to vary the terms and associated fees related to this agreement. In such cases, notification of at least 30 days will be given to all lessees.